Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sept-Oct pictures

Finally here are some more pictures from Sept-Oct 2007

Marcus Jr concentrating

Marcus Jr fell asleep on the steps one night.
He even brought a pillow and blanket with him.

An airplane in the skies nearby


Marcus Jr surrounded Charles with books

Smiley Charles

In the stroller... teething



Marcus Jr doing his Leappad


Baby legs

Baby feet

Eileen with all her 'paraphernalia'
Baby, puppy, bottle, sippy cup

Nice outfit, Marcus Jr
The boy has absolutely no fashion sense.
He had those shorts pulled up to his chest earlier.

I tried to get a picture of the red moon, but it didn't turn out.


My sweet baby boy

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beckwanda said...

keep em coming.
will definitely have to have a talk w/ jr bout the outfit tho'.
oh, and eileen will make an excellent girl scout. she is definitely prepared.
by the way, i tagged you on my blog!
check it out!